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About Bhoomi Farms

We frequently take nature for granted as a permanent presence in our lives. However, the dismal reality is that more than half of our valuable natural species, including animals, birds, insects, and plants, are today on the verge of extinction.


At Bhoomi Farms, we are committed to presenting you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reconnect with nature. Our mission is centered on the concept of organic farming, an endeavor that can free you from the monotony of daily life and immerse you in the wonders of nature.

Consider breathing in pure, revitalizing air, drinking pure, crystal-clear water, and eating unprocessed, nourishing food straight from the land. This event is not only life-changing for adults, but it also has a significant impact on our children.

Organic farming exposes your children to the very essence of existence. It improves their physical and emotional well-being and provides them with vital abilities for assessing and navigating hazards as they age.

In essence, living in harmony with nature is a choice that leads to a healthier and happier existence. If you are interested in organic farming or want to be a member of our organic farming community near Bangalore, please contact us. Let us work together to create a future in which nature flourishes and enriches our lives.

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We provide amazing unique facilities

Grand Arch Entrance
Artistic stone compound wall
Stone Compound Wall
Ftype Solar Fence
F type Solar Fence
24 Total Security
24/7 total security
Scenic themed roads
Each Roads with theme
Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting
Professional agriculture
Professional Agriculture
Oxygen Plants Park
Oxygen Plants Park
Natural Stream
Natural Stream
Green Leaves
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Live next door with nature

In a world dominated by fast-paced life and bustling cities, the concept of living next door to nature takes on new meaning, especially when combined with the beauty and sustainability of organic farming. At Bhoomi Farms, we offer you the unique opportunity to not only live alongside nature but also to co-create a harmonious ecosystem with it. Imagine waking up to the delicate rustle of leaves, the earthy aroma of fertile soil, and a lovely chorus of birds rejoicing in the dawn. These are the daily serenades of a truly connected existence to the earth, a life in which the boundaries between your home and the natural world disappear fluidly. Our dedication to organic farming extends beyond sustainability to a guarantee of sustenance for both body and mind at Bhoomi Farms. It's an invitation to taste the pure delight of pulling a ripe tomato from the vine, sharing the harvest of your labor with loved ones, and knowing that your food is not only delicious but also environmentally responsible.

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Organic farming

"Bhoomi Farm's unique organic farming is a holistic and environmentally conscious approach to agriculture that promotes soil health, prioritizes biodiversity, and avoids synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms." We advocate for sustainable practices that prioritise water and energy efficiency, waste minimization, and fair labor standards. Because of our commitment to natural fertilizers, crop diversity, and a balanced ecosystem, our produce is certified by respected organic bodies and epitomizes great taste and nutrition. We establish a healthy and regenerative relationship between nature, our farm, and our community as land stewards."

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We assume that nature will always be around. But more than half of our wild species of animals, birds, insects, and plants are in decline. Bhoomi farms is bringing you the opportunity to spend more time in nature. You can be part of organic farming which help you come out of your daily routine to experience nature. Experience the freshness of air, clean water, and unprocessed food. It brings your children closer to nature. It improves your child’s physical and mental health and gives them the skills they need to evaluate risk as they get older. Live in nature for a healthy and happy life. Contact us if you like do any organic farming and to be part of Our Organic farming land near Bangalore.

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Sowing Seeds of Flavor, Reaping Joy

We believe in the power of nature, where each season provides a new burst of flavor and freshness. Our orchards, nestled in the heart of Sathanur, Kanakapura, are a monument to Mother Earth's beauty and bounty.


We're building a deeper relationship with the earth and the flavors it freely bestows at Bhoomi Farms, not just growing fruit. We urge you to come and sample the delights of our fruit farm, whether you're a seasoned fruit fan or just seeking for a day of wholesome fun. Feel the difference that devotion, care, and a love of nature can make. We are open all year and look forward to welcoming you to our orchards. Join us on this wonderful voyage, and let us savor the taste of nature's abundance together.

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We assume that nature will always be around

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As a token of gratitude by joining hands in our farmland, we give away twenty saplings and twenty seedlings as compliments. We aim to bring the best of nature to your land.

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Nursery (20 plants and 20 trees)


Monthly Maintenance 1 Year


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What They Say

Bhoomi Farms is an amazing place for organic farming opportunity for anyone looking for the best farmland near Bangalore. The location in Sathanur is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside.

Revathy Gowtham

I recently started being a part of organic farming in Bhoomi farms and I have to say, it has been one of the best decisions I have made. The farmland is beautiful and the location is perfect for anyone who wants to be close to Bangalore but still enjoy the benefits of living in the countryside.

Subendu bikas Paul

Bhoomi Farms is the best organic farmland near Bangalore. The location in Sathanur is perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Sandhya Santosh

This organic farm is a game-changer for me. As someone who values clean and nutritious food, I've finally found a place where I can buy produce with complete peace of mind. The commitment to organic practices is evident in the taste and quality of everything I've tried

Hemanth Kumar Jain

Dining at the farm's restaurant is an experience like no other. The ingredients are so fresh that you can taste the difference in every bite. The seasonal menu showcases the farm's bounty beautifully, and we're always excited to see what new dishes they'll create.

Mukesh Sukanraj

Supporting this organic farm aligns perfectly with my values. Not only do I get to bring home produce free from harmful chemicals, but I also contribute to sustainable farming practices. It's heartening to know that my choices make a positive impact on the environment.

Harish Kumar

I attended one of the farm's workshops on organic gardening, and it was a wealth of knowledge. The experts shared practical tips for creating my own pesticide-free garden. Thanks to their guidance, I'm well on my way to cultivating my own organic oasis.


I look forward to the weekly farmers' market at this organic farm. It's a joy to chat with the farmers who put their heart into growing the food they sell. The variety of organic produce and products available is a testament to their dedication.

Santosh Chordia

This organic farm is a shining example of what sustainable agriculture can achieve. The farm's commitment to regenerative practices and biodiversity is awe-inspiring. It's not just about food here; it's about nurturing the land and leaving a positive impact on our planet.

Kishore Kumar

I recommend this organic farm to all my clients who prioritize holistic health. The farm's dedication to organic methods ensures that the produce is rich in nutrients and vitality. It's a place where healing truly begins from the ground up.

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Bhoomi Farms providing a Healthy and heartly environment

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Our Vision & Mission

To become the most trusted farm in fulfilling the dreams of green enthusiasts who seek to own a organic farmland. We aim to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is secure, tech-enabled, sustainable, and rewarding.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most trusted brand in fulfilling the dreams of green enthusiasts who seek to own a organic farmland. We aim to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is secure, tech-enabled, sustainable, and rewarding.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions for green enthusiasts who seek to own a organic farmland that is secure, tech-enabled, sustainable, and rewarding.

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